The easier way to payments will be, that via any mode of payment,(FIAT currencies and BTC too) one will have to buy USD within the system, and his further purchase will be regulated with those USDs. This complete system will be an “OFF-CHAIN” program, integrated with the system anyway; hence there will be no transactions, no consumption of any GAS during the transactions made by the participants The payments to be made by the system, however, will be regulated according to the periodic cost-effective prices of GAS, and hence that will be a minimum liability system for to and fro transactions. There won’t be any auction for transactions and hence GAS consumption won’t be an issue anyway.

The KYC and accounts will be managed within different ways, with a system which will not be in direct alignment with the ICO, so it will not be a threat to ICO if images uploading will be needed. The accounts will be flawlessly managed by individuals and it could be done more efficiently as well.

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