In such a scenario, web developers need to provide text alternatives for content that is graphic in nature. An image is a perfect example. The idea is make a web element PERCEIVABLE. Using an ALT tag for non-text content can make browsing a gratifying experience for people with special needs.

Those with partial or minimal vision problem use browser magnification feature to increase the font size using keyboard shortcut keys ( ctrl + or command + ). Therefore, web developers should never disable zoom feature in mobile applications.

Another important accessibility feature is content interpretation. The text needs to be UNDERSTANDABLE. A good web agency makes sure that text content is aligned in the right form and format. Using info graphics instead of text can hinder with screen readers and assistive audio devices. The same needs to be addressed with the right set of alternatives. Moreover, web developers also need to incorporate ROBUST framework which will allow all current and future assistive technologies to be embedded without additional support or modification.



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